Safe Marine Transfer LLC

Safe Marine Transfer was established to bring an idea to reality.  That idea was to develop a functional and qualified subsea chemical storage and injection system designed with a 3,000+ barrel chemical storage volume. The size of the chemical storage dominates the operational constraints for this system.

Several viable approaches to installation and maintenance of the storage and injection facility were evaluated in Stage 1 with economic, environmental and safety factors dominating the evaluation and selection. Stage II work is focused on detailed engineering and further maturing the work into a qualified design suitable for the commercial marketplace.

The work thusfar has been made possible through support from RPSEA (Project Number 11121-5302-01) with funding from NETL and cost sharing with the participating partners in the effort. Invaluable help was provided through RPSEA in the form of expert consultation and guidance from the RPSEA project champion, Tom Gay.

The next steps will be to identify a partner who can help us build a prototype that can be used to solve an existing application.  Stay tuned for the developments of this stage.  If you have a problem that may be solved with this technology, please contact us.  We are excited to begin the final realization process.