Flowchem (Strategic alliance partner)

  • Established 2001, purchased by KMG in 2017 ($495M)
  • Experienced team / Fastest time to market
  • Delivers 25% of domestic market, 15%global market


Trelleborg (Strategic alliance partner)

  • Engineered fabrics (bladders)
  • Offshore systems (Pumpable Buoyancy™)


Saab (Strategic alliance partner)

  • AUV docking (Subsea Shuttle™)
  • Joint marketing


Checkpoint Pump Systems (Strategic alliance partner)

  • Marinized version of onshore pump with millions of unit-hours


Seanic Ocean Systems (work for hire)

  • SCF ‘portfolio’ company
  • Currently under SMT contract
  • Marinization of pump & electric actuator.
  • Qualification testing & documentation
  • Specialties;

Engineered Solutions, ROV & Diver Tooling, Advanced Testing facilities

Design & manufacture, Equipment refurbishment services


Helix/Canyon Offshore (work for hire)

  • Marine operations